Omaha Real Estate Meetup

Aaron Impens

When: August 21st - Networking at 6pm, presentation starts at 7pm.

Where: This event will be held in the basement of Paddy McGown's 4503 Center St. and is FREE to attend!

Aaron Impens: Started in real estate buying houses that had wheels! Now he owns multiple businesses and a real estate portfolio that is quite impressive. Come hear his story of how he has gotten to where he is now, hear where he is planning on going, and even find out some details about how easy it is to borrow private money!

This group will focus on bringing together business owners, contractors, local house hackers, flippers, buy and hold investors, lenders, wholesalers, apartment investors, and individuals new to the industry so we can share knowledge and help each other grow.

*Please forward invite to any individuals who would like to attend*

If you have any questions please reach out tohttps://www.omaharealestatemeetup.comfor more details.

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